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By Admin, Aug 21 2017 04:14AM

My Reiki Practice is going well. The hours I work are spent in the most calm and concentrated state possible; moments of stillness which are in some ways similar to the act of meditation. It was partly due to this quiet and restful aspect of Reiki that I decided to take on work as a Care Assistant. The fact that the job is physically demanding makes I think for a good balance. This job caters to the most basic needs of those who have a wide range of physical and emotional needs. This is health care at its most fundermental. I have chosen the morning hours to do this, as they do not in most cases interfere with my client's preferences for appointment times. The work is in my opinion highly skilled! It is without a doubt an underrated job. In terms of healthcare, in many ways, it is at the opposite end of the spectrum from Reiki. Nonetheless, the knowledge I am gaining and the compassion that goes alongside the job can only be beneficial for my Reiki practice.