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By Admin, Jan 5 2017 09:02AM

Last week I gave my friend Don his first Reiki treatment as a thank you for the photos he took for my website. Don has intermittent back pain and was curious about how he would feel during the 50 minutes of lying still. As a man who is more comfortable being active than sitting around relaxing, the thought of being prone on the Reiki table for any length of time was worrying. The happy outcome was the time flowed so smoothly and the treatment was so calming that it was a success for both of us and Don even wanted a longer session. It was great to see him so quickly relax. The back pain which nags him on a daily basis left for the following few days for longer stretches of time and he wants to come back for another treatment. On Sunday he came round for tea with his friend Gilit. After a lovely afternoon I asked Don if he would agree to have a photograph taken for my first blog and we reenacted the scene as best we could.

Thank you so much Gilit for taking the photographs! Afterwards we sat down and had a look through the photos and discussed all things Reiki as well as the other healing methods that are available to all of us these days.